The one that got away.

I remember it like it was yesterday.  I was traveling back home from a day trip in December 2015.  I decided my family and I would stop and look around in Dillards.  As always, I walked directly to the handbag section.   In the handbag department the store was having a sale with an extra 40% off.   I spotted a bag I had on my mental wish list for a period of time.

The bag I spotted was the Dooney and Bourke Lilliana tote in Montecito leather.  This bag was in the color butterscotch with green interior.  This bag seems to scream elegance and class. It reminds me so much of the infamous Zara leather tote, which was popular a few years ago.   The bag is a north south styled tote. The bag can be carried on the shoulder, as a satchel or in the crook of the arm.  I imagined my self  carrying the bag more satchel style.

I spotted the bag and decided I was not going to get the bag but would wait.  (funds issue)

Any way I decided I would purchase the bag during the New Years day sale dillards holds annually.  That’s was a big mistake.  I got on line only to find the bag was sold out.  I missed this dream bag.  So every so often I check different  sites hoping to find the bag  pre loved at an affordable price.  No luck so far

Heres a pic of the bag  that got away

via lilliana


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