T moro Brown.

I love the color chocolate brown.  Dooney and bourke offers a color in handbags called T moro brown.  This color is a beautiful rich color.  However the color may appear differently with different types of leathers.   I have recently purchased three bags in the Tmoro brown color.

Dooney and Bourke Serena in Monecito collection.


This leather is stiff and structured, with a matte finish to the leather.  The leather is easily scratched but can be buffed out easily.


Dooney and Bourke Carley

This is luxury coated cotton. The material feels similar to pebble leather. This material does not require much care,  the bag can be simply wiped off with damp cloth.



Dooney and Bourke medium satchel in the Florentine collection.


This leather is  quite substantial in weight and is fairly smooth.

I did purchase this bag pre owned and the leather may have patina some.

All three of these leathers in T moro brown shade would be a great addition to your collection.


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