Exotic Love.

I will admit I love leather handbags.  I love smooth leather handbags.  So when the opportunity presented itself to purchase an exotic handbag. I jumped on it.  Here’s the story.  (handbag lovers always have a story)  I had been searching the web and for the longest time Ilovedooney.com  had the city  python small and medium satchel for the long time.  I would do  a quick view of the  both bags.  I eventually realized although I have a variety of bags in my collection.  It didn’t make sense to purchase the bag at that price point.  The City python small and medium satchel retails for $428.00 and S468.00 respectively.   I watched a you tube video and saw the small City python in the color Slate.  I was in love.  the shade the size,  just everything about the bag had me captivated.

Fast forward to a week ago while strolling Mecari and Poshmark simultaneously.  I spotted the small on Mecari for and the large on Poshmark . I was not able to seal the deal on Mecari with the seller but finally realized it was for the best because the bag appeared to be “too loved” in the photos..  The bag on poshmark was a medium bag and although it was pre loved it didn’t appear to be “too used”.  The bag was in the color gold metallic.    I purchased the bag  and when the bag was delivered( que the music) it was love

I have not carried her yet but she is definitely going to be loved and appreciated in her new home.

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