I am going to present myself once again.  I have been away for some time now.  No excuses life just happened and took me by surprise.  No worries though.  I am pushing through.  I wanted to return to sharing my love of things beauty and fashion related.  I thought about letting the issues of life stop me but I am going to keep going.

I realized that there are lot of titles we as women share.  We are daughters, some of us are mothers, wives, sisters and many other titles.  all those titles should not keep us away from some of the things we enjoy.   I thought about the things I enjoy.   I enjoy make up and fashion.  I love to shop and wear make up    Its not that I need it nor do I hide behind make up.  I have always loved how with make up you can transform or enhance a woman’s beauty.  With fashion  I love it because its a way to show your personality through your wardrobe.

Our first impression is often our clothes and facial expressions.  I feel fashion allows us to show our personality and attitude in how we style our clothes.  I know this not the most important thing in life but I do believe if we put effort into looking our best we will feel our  best.


So I would love for your to join me in my journey of sharing my love of all things fashion and beauty related.


Until next time,







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