Ordered. Cancelled. Ordered.




The life for a handbag lover, specifically a Dooney and Bourke handbag lover is interesting.  There is always a search, there is always a wish list, and there is always a new release.

Speaking of new release I had been looking on the QVC website for a few months and stumbled upon  a bag in the “as is” section of Dooney and Bourke.  The bag had gorgeous Spring colors.  There was an orange, purple and bright blue that caught my attention.  After watching several presentations via You tube, I found my self noticing the McKenzie Hobo more often.  Fast forward to a week ago.  I’m lying in bed on a Saturday morning searching the “q” not really needing anything just looking.  I notice there was an easy pay event on all Dooney and Bourke  would be on 6 easy payments on the site.  So as I head to the bottom of the Dooney and bourke listings I spot the Mckenzie hobo in Charcoal.  I’m thinking I can use that bag since I had recently rehomed my  gray bag.   I added the bag to the cart and searched a little more.  There she was Mckenzie Hobo in ice blue.  I removed the charcoal Mckenzie from my cart and quickly added the Mckenzie in ice blue.  I figured at such a great price $166.00 regular $302.00  I would take a chance. The bag originally came with a wallet and key fob. Of course ordering “as is” from the Q that doesn’t always mean you will get the accessories.   Later on  in the day, I began to talk myself out of the bag. So after 4  hours,   I cancelled the order.

Later on  after watching the presentations over again on you tube. I realized that I needed really wanted that bag in that  color. So I went to the website to place the order and guess what, it was no longer available  in the as is.  The bag was available as a new purchase but I didn’t want to invest the money at full price.  I was not sure how I would like the hobo styled bag.

After four days I days of stalking the q, I was able to snag the  McKenzie hobo bag in color ice blue.  The bag finally popped up in the As is section.  I placed the order and hoped that the accessories would be included.  I place the order on a Thursday evening and received the bag on Wednesday.  I never get orders from the q that quickly.  As I opened the box  I saw the as is sticker on the bag and so far although I hadn’t removed the plastic the bag looked very well.  I tore the plastic off and to my surprise the bag had the original packaging and the accessories were tucked away in the bag.  It looked as if the bag had never been touched.   Score for Lawanda.    The leather on this bag is so smooth, soft and the smell oh my is indescribable.   Well here she is ……..


I have carried her once already and found her to be a very large bag.  The shoulder strap is perfect and stays on the shoulder.   I loaded her up just as would normally do.  Mckenzie passed the test.   I am loving that I was able to pick a unique color.  The color Ice blue can be carried all year long.  Its a muted color with a light gray undertone.   I am so happy to add her to my handbag family.

Until next time……..



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